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Why Are Built-in Wine Coolers a Good Option?

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For seasoned wine lovers, a wine cooler isn’t necessary to have. If we talk about serious wine collectors who want to enjoy the perks of wine coolers, it is recommended to buy a built in wine cooler fridge. You may not buy a wine refrigerator because you’re convinced that a standard wine cooler is a good option. That’s not the case! Standard refrigerators can’t hold wines well as they don’t meet the criteria for keeping the wines.

General requirements for wine preserving

  1. The temperature should be between 15 to 20 degrees celsius.
  2. Keep the wines away from vibration.
  3. Store wine at the proper humidity.
  4. Don’t place wine in the direct light.
  5. Store bottle wines horizontally.

The first three points define the criteria that can never be met by a regular fridge.

Built-in wine coolers

Wine coolers keep the wine at the desired temperature, humidity, and cold. We have a lot of options in wine storage solutions, but built-in wine coolers are good for wine lovers with small collections. You can consider winecoolershop.co.uk to buy the best built-in wine coolers.

Best built-in wine coolers

From experts and reviewers, these built-in wine coolers are the best;

  1. Aobosi 46-inch built-in wine cooler
  2. EdgeStar 30-bottle built-in wine cooler
  3. Vinerie elegant 15-inch built-in wine cooler
  4. Antarctic star 28-bottle dual-zone built-in wine cooler

Advantages of buying a built-in wine cooler

Following are the reasons that you can keep in front to buy a built-in wine cooler;

1. Energy efficient

Built-in wine coolers are energy efficient and greener than other cooling appliances. They come with energy labels and require less energy than the standard fridges.

2. Can be installed undercounter

Without any heat issues, built-in wine coolers can be installed undercounter. Being a popular option, they are considered to be the best option as they don’t require a lot of maintenance and are a permanent part of the home.

3. Keep the humidity regulated

Wine coolers do more than simply preserve wine chilled; they also manage humidity and block out a few of the harmful rays. Kitchen freezers are too chilly for vino storage and allow far too much humidity inside. And most households are already overburdened without the need for more storage.

4. Can be aligned with the home decor

If you’re renovating your house, constructing a new house, or simply weary of that rubbish collection that no one utilizes taking up prime cabinet space at home, the simple solution is to get a built-in wine cooler. It can match your home decor easily and you can also modify the look of the wine cooler through some ideas if you have any.

Thermoelectric vs. compressor: Which built-in wine cooler is best?

For this question, the only answer is thermoelectric wine coolers because they are quiet, energy-efficient and have no vibrations. They just use an electrode system to keep the wines chilled. Compressors are not a good option as they are not quiet and use a compressor cooling system which can make vibrations.

Even if the wines have been opened, you can also keep your wines in the wine fridge.