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The most popular areas to use rubber flooring

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You may not have considered using rubber mats and other rubber flooring options as part of your home or business renovation. That’s why in this feature, we look at some of the best areas to use this resilient and hard-wearing material. Whether you plan to renovate your home, office, or commercial premises; we have the top design inspiration to suit your project.

Home office and workspaces

If you work from home, you’ll understand the challenges and freedom that this brings. When designing a home office, it is important to think about every aspect of its intended use. For example, if you choose to locate your office in your garden or somewhere outside of your living quarters, flooring is undoubtedly going to be an issue. Keeping office flooring clean and protected is a key design element that requires some planning. Flooring such as laminate or wood will come in various colours and designs and allows for easy cleaning with a steam mop.

However, if you want to ensure full protection, rubber mats are an excellent choice. This type of flooring can protect any surfaces from scratches and dents. This is especially ideal if you intend for your office to be regularly in use and anticipate multiple client visits. Another business that may find rubber flooring useful is massage studios and yoga retreats. The ability to wipe the floor down after each use is a great way to protect your space from oil stains, whilst adding some cushioning underfoot.


Gyms and workout areas

Both commercial and home gyms will benefit from rubber flooring. This popular addition to your gym will ensure that machinery does not damage any existing flooring and that it can be properly cleaned. Place the flooring in large areas of commercial gyms to offer full protection and added safety elements.

When using rubber floors in a home gym, you may be able to use single rubber mats to place individual machines onto. This will help to reduce movement when in use and will work especially well underneath large and expensive gym equipment such as treadmills and Peloton bikes.

Basement flooring

Converting your basement into an area for storage, or to use as a fully functioning larder space isn’t easy or cheap. You will first need to prep the walls for damp using a technique called tanking. This prevents moisture from entering the area. You should also install a damp proof membrane to your basement floors, before adding rubber flooring on top. Rubber flooring is damp resistant, won’t go mouldy and is easy to clean or disinfect whenever required.

You can easily and securely stand shelving on top of rubber flooring. This can be used for the storage of tools and equipment, or to create a larger space for food and drink. The possibilities are endless, and this versatile flooring type won’t let you down, so it is certainly worth researching.