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4 Ways to Bring the Outside in this Summer

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Inside-outside living has become somewhat of a trend in recent years, with homeowners constantly looking for new ways to bridge their inside and outside spaces through décor, open-plan living, and a balanced flow of light and furniture across their interior and garden.

In this blog, we’re sharing four ways of bringing your outside space indoors this summer, focussing on everything from light to cohesive furnishings as we spotlight our most popular 9 pendant ceiling lights alongside other home accessories.

 1. Implement pendant lighting for a more atmospheric look

One of the benefits of pendant lighting, particularly our 9 pendant ceiling light fittings, isn’t just the aesthetic grandeur and beauty of the fitting as a design trait, but also the way the individual bulbs create a consistent flow of light throughout the space. With the light coming from nine individual sources your interior feels brighter from all angles.

 2. Choose a pendant light fitting with complimentary textures  

As you browse our collection you will notice that both the shades and the mounted fittings are available in different materials and finishes. This is where it’s time to put your interior design hat on, selecting finishes which complement the look of your outside space from the modern and clean white finish of a manicured patio to the more rustic and ornate look of a gold fitting against a wild garden.

 3. Balance natural light and artificial light sources

Creating a balance between your inside and outside spaces is as much about making both feel warm and welcoming as it is about matching furniture and complimentary colour schemes. Because of this, we always recommend considering light fittings which are set at different levels and that both compliment and juxtapose your natural light sources to help set and create different moods within the home.

Pendant lighting is a great solution to bland ceiling and overhead lights, as the fittings fall to different heights and levels and therefore add interest to the space. Another option is to install wall lights as well as ceiling lights and consider table or floor lamps.

 4. Soft furnishings

Finally, have you noticed the growing trend around outdoor rugs and soft furnishings which can be used both inside and outside depending on the weather? Having an open plan inside-outside space means mixing and matching your furnishings between the two areas, with some of the most successful blended home interiors opting for very simple soft furnishings and accessories which can be used inside and out.

To find out more about pendant lighting and how to install one of our popular 9 pendant light fittings in your own home to help bring the outside in and add life to your interiors, visit our website or get in touch with us directly today.